Music Lounge



La Bell
Monday, November 23 | 12pm 

A native of Oak Cliff, TX, La Bell grew up with a love of singing, but struggled with the anxiety of performing at an early age. When she discovered rap at 19, she knew she had found her way to do what she loved while still being able to express herself. Now the MC and musician is lighting up DFW with her performances and she was recently featured on Art & Seek.

Watch the video premiere of La Bell’s Music Lounge performance on Monday, Nov. 23 at noon. 




The SDCC Music Lounge features local Dallas artists performing music from the African Diasporian culture. This concert series offers musical styles ranging from hip hop to gospel to zydeco. Each event is a small and intimate music session for the Dallas community and is designed to highlight the wide soundscape of black culture. 

Previously featured artists includes Hathor Hendrix, Sheran Goodspeed Keyton, Herbie Johnson, Zo! and Carmen Rodgers, Nubia and the South Dallas Concert Choir.

Visit the South Dallas Cultural Center on Youtube for virtual Music Lounge performances.