Special Exhibitions

The Pride of William Sidney Pittman

William Sidney Pittman rose to prominence as an architect, designing buildings in Alabama, Virgina, Maryland, and the Carolinas. The son of a former slave-laundress and an Angelo father, Pittman launched an architectural firm in Washington, D.C. and reaped great success. However, the promise of prosperity for blacks in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas motivated Pittman to relocate his family. When his career in Texas plateaued, Pittman invested in a new endeavor – the newspaper business. Brotherhood Eyes was a tabloid-esque newspaper that exposed the city’s most prominent leaders. His publication, racism, colorism, and maybe his own ego eventually caused his life to take a dramatic turn.

Visit The Pride of William Sidney Pittman to learn more about the life and legacy of this brilliant architect and entrepreneur.

On loan courtesy of the Dallas Public Library. Curated by Kaitlyn Jeffries.