Virtual Exhibition: Works by Talley Williams


Morrison penned in Playing in The Dark words expressed by Marie Cardinal in a book Words to Say It documenting her spiral into madness, and in fact includes the very moment she “lost her mind”…

Cardinal wrote:

“My first anxiety attack occurred during a Louis Armstrong concert. I was nineteen or twenty. Armstrong was going to improvise with his trumpet, to build a whole composition in which each note would be more important and would contain within itself the essence of the whole. I was not disappointed: the atmosphere warmed up very fast. The scaffolding and flying buttress of the jazz I instruments supported Armstrong’s trumpet, creating spaced which were adequate for it to climb higher, establish itself and take off again. The sounds of the trumpet sometimes piled up higher, fusing a new musical base, a sort of matrix which gave birth to one precise, painful, so absolutely necessary had its equilibrium and duration become; it tore at the nerves of those who followed it.”

She continued:

“My heart began to accelerate, becoming more important than the music, shaking the bars of my ribcage, compressing my lungs so the air could no longer enter them. Gripped by panic at the idea of dying there in the middle of spasms, stomping feet, and the crowd howling, I ran into the street like someone possessed.”

Morrison writes of Cardinal’s experience: “I remember smiling when I read that, partly because the clarity in her recollection of the music— its immediacy—- partly because of what leaped into my mind: what on Earth was Louis Playing that night? What was there in his music that drove this sensitive young girl hyperventilating into the street to be struck by the beauty and ravage of a Carmella “svelte in appearance but torn apart inside”

I am fully conscious, WOKE, in ways that drive me from this dimension to another at the speed of thought. Like Louis, I know the power of engaging DARK MATTER, of the ecstasy of communing with the All in all, of “Playing in The Dark, with The Dark, while being Dark.”

Such sweet splendor is its own reward.

I hear John Coltrane and see him come over where Louis is playing, and I am working in the SPIRITUAL realm with subatomic energy. I am watching The Dark Particles trans mutate from energy to form.

This is ZION1015 the SPIRITUAL place reality emerges from…

An enlarged graphic of that page in fabric…burned at the edges suspended from the ceiling…


“Burned: But Not Consumed”


Conceptual Artist, Talley Williams

Artist Statement:

On May 5th of 2010, I experienced what is called an OBE, or “out of body experience.’

With no prior training nor inclination, I woke up painting. Initially images came to me in dreams ,visions, and premonitions. During these altered states completed image appeared before me. Instruction on brushstrokes, color, and the message within the piece were provided as well. The images are derived from a realm outside time and space. They are spiritual in nature; topographies of life’s sub atomic energy prior to forming matter.

In the first year, I painted and sketched more than 200 pieces, all multi dimensional and multi faceted. Each piece contributed to a larger mosaic. They were layered and storytelling . My style is meant to transcend human boundaries, and communicate various messages.

My work is provocative, it makes use of sculpture, installation, performance and conceptual art garments.

This current collection makes use of textile as canvas and book. Imagery and code take form to communicate the complexity of war. Textile patterns is employed to convey repetitious patterns within war. The subject of the piece is both hero and victim in the same weave…

I hope it stirs conversations we would otherwise not have.