Proposal Submission: Partnership Track

SDCC Partners are distinguished by their commitment to present enriching educational and cultural experiences. Partners are artists of standing whose content or artistic point-of-view closely relates to SDCC’s mission, values, and/or community. Partnerships with our organization officially span a program year however, the association is long-lasting. As such, we use rigorous criteria and a community panel to review and approve all partnerships. Partner positions are kept at a premium (up to 10 partnerships per year) and the same artist/organization cannot submit a proposal for partnership on more than one project. A partnership proposal in its entirety must be submitted every year in order to continue or renew the partnership arrangement. No items agreed to in previous arrangements are guaranteed and all items are up for re-negotiation at the beginning of every programming season. Past partnerships with incomplete reporting, no artwork produced, or poor evaluation status will be deemed incomplete and the artist/organization that facilitated that partnership will be deemed ineligible for future partnership opportunities.


Partnership Track Criteria:

Partnering with SDCC is a good choice if:

  • You are an established artists/ organization with a similar mission or target demographic to the SDCC;
  • You are looking for financial support or an exchange of goods/services;
  • You are offering a long-term project (60 – 180 content hours)
  • You desire to be associated with the SDCC brand and are willing to comply with our code of conduct and reporting/ evaluation process upon completion of your project;
  • You want to create one or more pieces of art through the project you plan to facilitate that is valuable to or reflects the South Dallas community


Partnership Decision-Making Process

To decide on partnerships for the upcoming program season, we assemble a panel of arts professionals to assess the proposal, the credentials of the teaching artist and how well it matches with our mission and patrons. We allot funding in tiers, with the most well-suited proposals receiving the most funding and descend from there. This can be a lengthy process as we meticulously vet and review all proposals and credentials. For this reason, we only accept partnership proposals once per year (April 1 – May 31st). Please expect to submit your proposal in April – May and to get a response in July or August about the upcoming program season


Available Resources for Partners:

A detailed plan on how SDCC can help in the partnership is necessary before a final approval can be made. Keep in mind that the main areas of assistance are the following:


Our spacious building has many specialty rooms for a variety of art forms. Partners have access to all areas and equipment upon request and availability. The preferred spaces and equipment should be included in the submission proposal.


To help ensure the success of the partnership, SDCC will assist in marketing programs to our target demographic via social media, paper campaigns, and promotional events. 


Organizational support and help in facilitating a partnership program or event may be provided to partners that need help or development to best serve the target demographic. The nature of help needed should be indicated in the proposal submission.


In the most comprehensive partnership, SDCC may provide financial assistance to its partners. Financial support is dependent on the mission, artform, demographic served, and total strength of the submission.


Role of Partners:

SDCC offers its partners a mix of space, equipment, marketing support, administrative support, and financial assistance. In return, SDCC requires its partners to complete lesson plans, program reports, provide services for its target demographics, and at least one performance/presentation/ work of art per year. The type of artwork produced depends on the medium and the amount of support SDCC provides during the partnership. Submissions with artwork to be presented as a result of the partnership will be favored.


Proposal Details:

Successful partnership proposals will detail how the aforementioned criteria will be met by the program proposed. Specifics should be supported with data, websites, video, testimonials, lesson plans, and professional credentials. SDCC will accept proposals in varying artforms, content, and age groups served as long as they adhere to the target demographic served, time constraints, and values promoted.

Partnership proposals should clearly outline the space, equipment, budget, and marketing support needed to ensure the success of the partnership.

This year, all proposals submissions must be submitted through an online application. Applicants must also complete the Support Materials document, providing samples of work and additional information about the proposed project/program. A downloadable template document can be found below. It is recommended that all applicants follow the template closely. There will be no in-person submissions, auditions or art-pieces accepted during the initial proposal process.

2020-21 Support Materials Template (Word)

2020-21 Support Materials Template (PDF)


  1. Before beginning the proposal process, carefully read the Call for Proposals guidelines for each track.
  2. Using Support Materials template, provide all relevant information to support project/program proposal.
  3. Save completed Support Materials document as a Word or PDF file. File size should be not exceed 8 MB. It is highly recommended to save document as PDF to retain document format.
  4. Using a file sharing platform of your choice, create a shareable link of the Support Materials document. (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Onedrive, We Transfer, Canva are just a few options.)
  5. Complete online application. Partnership
  6. Under the Support Materials section, drop file share link into online proposal application.
  7. Submit online proposal application.
  8. You’re done!