Take a Look at Chesley Antoinette’s “Tignon”

“No be ganado mi libertad sobre las espaldas”, Chesley Antoinette, 2018

Conceptual artist and educator, Chesley Antoinette, debuted her striking exhibition, Tignon, at the South Dallas Cultural Center in Fall 2018. Through fashion photography and wearable sculptural turbans, the artist examines the experiences of women of African descent during the 18th century. Now the entire exhibition can be viewed virtually, courtesy of the Duluth Art Institute, where the show is scheduled to open in 2021.

The tour features images of the artwork and audio of all essays referenced in the show. Explore the beautiful exhibition here.

Antoinette was a recent guest on the SDCC series, In the Studio. Watch to learn more about the artist’s evolution as a fiber artist and the significance of historical research to her work.