Why Dallas Should Preserve the Juanita J. Craft Civil Rights House

Juanita J. Craft (courtesy photo)

Juanita J. Craft, one of Dallas´ most significant civil rights figures and the second African American woman to serve on the Dallas City Council, lived in her home for 50 years. Discussions of the future of the civil rights movement were held here with many other great leaders like Lyndon B. Johnson and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Since 1994, Craft’s home has been operating as a historical museum, but Dallas’ Office of Arts and Culture department intends on restoring the house by the summer of 2022 with money raised from private fundraising and a $500,000 grant from the National Park Service.

“If we don’t tell these stories and preserve these places now, they will be lost. And it only gets harder as you get further away from the history,” says Director of Arts and Culture, Jennifer Scripps.

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Help preserve the Juanita J. Craft Civil Rights House for North Texas Giving Day