February 9 Proclaimed Juanita J. Craft Day

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson proclaimed February 9, 2022 as Juanita Craft Day as we celebrate Honorable Juanita J. Craft’s 120th birthday and the rehabilitation of her home, located at 2618 Warren Avenue, by the City of Dallas Office of Arts & Culture (OAC), the National Parks Service, the Friends of Juanita Craft Civil Rights House, the Junior League of Dallas, and other important stakeholders.

The site tells an important piece of our city’s history. For over half-a-century, Mrs. Craft dedicated herself to improving the welfare of others and to courageously defending the rights of the disenfranchised. And, when laws proved to be discriminatory, Mrs. Craft did the hard work of changing both minds and hearts; and we are indebted to the leadership of Juanita Craft as the many sacrifices she made over the course of her lifetime.

To celebrate Juanita Jewel Craft and her 120th birthday, here’s a special video made by community contributors, local residents, and city council members to honor her life and legacy!

Learn more about the Juanita J. Craft Civil Rights House & Museum