Photographing with a Brownie Hawkeye

SDCC had the opportunity to shoot with a Brownie Hawkeye film camera last month with Whitney Daude from Dallas Center of Photography.

George Eastman, the founder of Kodak, coined the advertising slogan, β€œYou push the button, and we’ll do the rest.” With this workshop and photo walk, DCP is adopting the same philosophy. The Brownie Hawkeye camera is stylish, easy to use for all ages, and simply fun to shoot with. It was introduced in 1949 during the golden age of photography.

We first met with Whitney and the attendees online via Zoom for a short class to go over the joys and challenges of shooting with such a Brownie and the process of loading film. A few days later, we met on location in Downtown Dallas with refurbished Brownie Hawkeye and specially modified rolls of 120 film provided by DCP. With only 12 photos per roll, attendees had to be resourceful and get creative with their shots. Afterwards, Whitney gathered everyone’s film to develop, sleeve, and scan the images in their darkroom. See below for some images from the photo walk:

About Dallas Center of Photography:

Dallas Center for Photography occupies a custom designed 6000 sq. ft. building near the Dallas Design District. It includes a dedicated 900 sq. ft. classroom, a large darkroom equipped for up to 10 people to print at once, an 1800 sq. ft. gallery, and shooting space. The mission behind DCP is to serve as a focal point for creators and appreciators of all forms of photography through education, mentorship, exhibitions, and community outreach.