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Her Ephemeral Self

Constance White

Opens Friday, August 27, 2021 from 5-8 PM
August 27 – September 30

The South Dallas Cultural Center is please to present Artist Constance Y. White exhibition Her Ephemeral Self. This body of work features hand cut and glued (analog) collages derived from personal interviews with seven different women. The artist counted herself in the process rounding the number of participants to eight which represents a virtual healing circle. White integrated the idea of imperfection into her work and presents each collage as an abstract representation of each interviewee. View more of her work Here.

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On View in the Lobby Gallery

is a juried photography exhibit of the David W. Carter High School feeder pattern schools, and was created to allow the students an opportunity to creatively reflect upon their thoughts and process their emotions through the camera’s lens.





The South Dallas Cultural Center’s two visual art galleries feature innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions that address a range of social and cultural themes. Our exhibition program presents influential local, regional, and national artists such as Phoenix Savage, Pucci Lisenbee, and Ciare Elle Bryant.

South Dallas Cultural Center’s visual art galleries was named in honor of artist and long-time SDCC supporter, Arthello Beck. A South Dallas native, Beck dedicated his life to the arts and supporting African American culture. He traveled extensively, showcasing his works in cultural institutions across the world. By the 1970’s, Beck and his wife, Mae, established the Arthello Beck Gallery in Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas. Arthello Beck passed away in 2004 and our galleries became his namesake in 2007. The South Dallas Cultural Center is proud to pay tribute to Beck’s unyielding creativity and his profound affection for the culture and lives of Black people.