Juanita J Craft Artist Residency

The South Dallas Cultural Center is pleased to announce the inaugural Juanita J. Craft Artist Residency pilot project The Beauty of South Dallas created by artist Nitashia Johnson. The project documents the neighborhood of South Dallas and several of its residence, business owners, and community leaders. South Dallas is a community rich with culture and history, but it is quickly changing. The goal of this project was to preserve a period in time that tells us where the neighborhood is before it changes. Over a three month period, September to December 2020, Nitashia has endeavored to connect with the people of the community and use her talents as a multimedia artist/designer to capture the landscape and present it in this website The Beauty of South Dallas

Please enjoy her work.

For inquiries about the project contact john.spriggins@dallascityhall.com. 


Coming soon The Juanita J Craft Artist Residency official launch April 2021.