Juanita J. Craft Artist Residency

The purpose of the Juanita J. Craft Artist Residency Initiative is to contribute, in a significant manner, to the cultural and artistic impact of the South Dallas community. The Initiative aims to encourage artists of the African Diaspora in all disciplines to explore new working methods and to develop socially engaging, interactive art experiences immersed within the neighborhoods of the South Dallas area. Artists involved in this Initiative are expected to research, investigate and engage residents, organizations, and institutions for the purposes of developing and creating unique artwork, art series, or body of work. Through its creation process, the artist’s work is intended to stimulate an intentional and ongoing dialogue about the production and associated methodologies that occurred during the Residency Period.

Residency artists will be challenged to examine various perspectives on art, art-making and social practice; while expanding their multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approaches through socially engaged work. Practitioners working within, beyond, or outside of the traditional art market are encouraged to apply and will be chosen through an open call process, limited invitation, or in some cases, by direct selection.

The 2023 Artist Residency applications are now open!

2022 Juanita J. Craft Artist Residency Recipients

2021 Juanita J. Craft Artist Residency Recipients

2020 Inaugural Juanita J. Craft Artist Residency Recipient

The South Dallas Cultural Center is pleased to present the 2020 inaugural Juanita J. Craft Artist Residency pilot project, The Beauty of South Dallas, created by artist Nitashia Johnson.

The project documents the neighborhood of South Dallas and several of its residents, business owners, and community leaders. South Dallas is a community rich in culture and history, but it is quickly changing. The goal of this project was to preserve a period in time that tells us where the neighborhood is before it changes.

Over a three-month period, from September to December 2020, Nitashia has endeavored to connect with the people of the community and use her talents as a multimedia artist/designer to capture the landscape and present it in The Beauty of South Dallas

For inquiries about the project, contact our General Manager john.spriggins@dallas.gov