Call for Proposals: 2022 – 23 Programs

South Dallas Cultural Center is seeking proposals from artists, art educators, and cultural organizations to produce public programming for its 2022 – 2023 season (October 1 – July 31). SDCC aims to diversify its offerings and present a range of classes, workshops, courses, tours, performances, panels, and exhibits in all manner of the arts to celebrate and explore the Black culture.

Note: Artists and organizations submitting proposals must be located in the City of Dallas.

SDCC offers two program tracks for interested artists and organizations – projects and partnerships. More information about each track can be found below.

Proposals are accepted on an ongoing basis.

Proposal Submissions Guidelines:

Proposals for projects and partnerships with South Dallas Cultural Center are currently being accepted on an ongoing basis. Proposals must be submitted no less than three weeks prior to project start date. Decisions will be made with a joint staff and community programming panel. During the review process, applicants may be asked to provide more details or come to the office for an in-person interview.

Incomplete submissions will not be considered. If a proposal is incomplete, the submitting artist/organization will be informed that their proposal is no longer being considered for the upcoming season. Artists/organizations who are not accepted for the upcoming season will be permitted to re-submit the following year.

This year, all proposals submissions must be submitted through an online application. Applicants must also complete the Support Materials document, providing samples of work and more information about the proposed program. A template document is available (see below). It is recommended that all applicants follow the template closely. There will be no in-person submissions, auditions or art-pieces accepted during the initial proposal process.



  1. Before beginning the proposal process, carefully read the Call for Proposals guidelines for each track.
  2. Using Support Materials template, provide all relevant information to support project/program proposal.
  3. Save completed Support Materials document as a Word or PDF file. File size should be not exceed 8 MB. It is highly recommended to save document as PDF to retain document format.
  4. Using a file sharing platform of your choice, create a shareable link of the Support Materials document. (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft Onedrive, We Transfer, Canva are just a few options.)
  5. Complete online application. Project | Partnership
  6. Under the Support Materials section, drop file share link into online proposal application.
  7. Submit online proposal application.
  8. You’re done!

The project track is a good choice if:

  • You are an artist/organization at any stage of career;
  • You are wanting limited time engagement (1 – 59 content hours);
  • You need limited assistance from SDCC to perform;
  • You share similar value(s) or align with key criteria in our mission statement;
  • You serve our target demographics or are looking to expand to serve our target demographics

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Partnering with SDCC is a good choice if:

  • You are an established artists/organization with a similar mission or target demographic to the SDCC;
  • You are offering a long-term project (60 – 180 content hours);
  • You are seeking an exchange of goods/services for financial support;
  • You desire to be associated with the SDCC brand and are willing to comply with our code of conduct and reporting/evaluation process upon completion of your project;
  • You want to create one or more pieces of art through the project you plan to facilitate that is valuable to or reflects the South Dallas community

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